Lynx Piano Service

The primary focus of Lynx Piano Service is currently piano tuning, however, we do provide some basic piano regulation and repairs. Some regulations and repairs require more specialized expertise than Lynx Piano Service currently provides. I pride myself on honesty and integrity and will not attempt a service or repair on a client's piano until I've mastered the technique. While most jobs are well within our expertise, should your regulation and/or repair exceed the scope of Lynx Piano Service, I'm happy to discuss your specific needs and help you find the right technician for the job.

Pianos have over 8000 moving parts that must be properly aligned for your piano to perform properly. Just like vehicles require tune-ups, pianos require minor adjustments to realign those moving parts that have worn or moved. Some parts can get misaligned to the point that damage to the piano is more likely. Fine tuning these adjustments on a piano is called regulating. Not only is a properly regulated piano safer for the piano, it's also more fun, easier to play, and sounds better. Learning & playing out of regulation pianos not only prevents players from developing proper technique, it also causes players to develop bad habits by compensating for the weaknesses of the piano. Playing a poorly regulated piano is like playing basketball with a flat ball that needs to be inflated. It can be done, but it's difficult, sloppy, and not much fun. After you inflate that ball, you'll realize it's a whole new game. Call/Text or Email today to discuss your needs and/or schedule a piano tuning!

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