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About Lynx

Lynx Piano Service started from a passion to leave pianos in better shape than I found them. Pianos are amazing and complex works of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Such complexity awards each piano a very special and unique voice. Lynx Piano Service came from the desire to not only have the opportunity to hear so many of these unique and incredible instruments, but to be a part of helping them find their voice and sing. After 25 successful years in my prior profession, I began evaluating what I wanted to do with this next phase of my life. Having been passionate about piano since I was a child, it didn't take long to realize that I'd be happiest working with, and caring for, pianos... and Lynx Piano Service was born!

I started learning piano tuning and service full-time in the beginning of 2015. My studies began with the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, but I quickly supplemented that program with numerous books, videos, seminars, tutoring, conferences, and a living room full of dissected practice pianos (sorry, sweetie). I'm an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild. I've taken several hands-on seminars across the US as well as multiple 1-on-1 lessons from several of the industry experts. In early 2017, after a couple years entrenched in studies, Lynx Piano Service was open for business. I've invested deeply in quality tools and education to ensure I can, and do, provide quality work. I'm very particular & don't cut corners. I take pride in my work, my integrity, my honesty, and my values. I embrace many of the old-fashioned values we don't see as often as we should these days. I take pride in having started this business with my savings, hard honest work, and the support of my amazing wife - not with GoFundMes, KickStarters, or handouts. Lynx Piano Service started with strong values and will continue to always do everything possible to provide honest, fair, quality service for our clients. Service areas include St. Peters, St. Charles, St. Louis, O'Fallon, Maryland Heights, Lake St. Louis & anywhere within 30 miles of St. Peters. Please give me an opportunity to care for your piano and show you how Lynx Piano Service does business. Call, text, or email for a piano tuning, piano service, or piano regulation today!

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